Tax Advice for Businesses & Individuals


Tax Advice in Cambridge

We offer tax advice in Cambridge to a wide range of businesses and individuals.


Stanes Rand Tax Consultancy provides tax advice in Cambridge for both businesses and individuals.

Upon investigation, we often find that significant opportunities to reduce the overall tax burden are being missed. Our professional tax advisers are experienced in identifying ways to minimise liability, proactively plan expenditure and efficiently deal with HMRC.

Our pre-emptive approach to tax planning is intimately linked with wealth creation. By recognising tax saving opportunities and avoiding possible penalties, we are able to help clients achieve their financial ambitions – both in business and their personal lives.

Should you require tax advice we would be pleased to assist.  Please telephone our offices on 01223 461044 to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.


Tax Advice for Businesses

Whatever your business’ legal structure – be it sole trader, partnership, limited company or PLC – Stanes Rand Tax Consultancy offers proactive tax advice at all stages of the business life cycle.  Please click the box below for more information.

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Tax Advice for Individuals

We also offer tax advice to a wide array of clients, including families, business owners, entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and non-UK domiciliaries.  No two clients are the same, therefore the approach we take is to offer a truly personalised service according to individual need and requirements.

With wealth creation at the forefront of our minds, we help clients identify tax planning opportunities which best suit their individual circumstances.  Decisions made today can have tax implications both now and in the future, therefore we ensure our clients are not only aware of such implications but that they can achieve maximum tax efficiency at all times. Please click the box below for a non-exhaustive list of services we provide.

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