Using your pension pot as a tax free way to pass on wealth

Having introduced auto-enrolment in an attempt to improve pension saving in the UK, it seemed fitting that the government reform pensions per se to make them a more appealing option.  The Budget delivered in March 2015 certainly did not disappoint in this respect. Commencing April 2016, savers will have...

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New Pension Rules – Timing is key

Hailed as “the most radical changes to pensions in almost a century”, it is reasonable to expect such changes – initially proposed by the Chancellor in his March budget and now confirmed to take effect from April 2015 – to have a profound effect on those in possession of...

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How to turn your pension fund into cash for your business

Offering a tax incentive when raising corporate finance can be a decision-making ‘tipping point’ for investors if it cuts the cost of investment.  Since the Chancellor’s statement in the Budget allowing anyone over the age of 55 to access their pension fund in its entirety, subject to a tax...

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