Barclays offers debt finance to help technology companies grow

With well-known US companies such as Facebook and Google having used debt finance to help grow their business in the early stages, it was perhaps only a matter of time until UK companies were afforded the same fortuity. Having identified “a significant gap in the traditional way technology businesses...

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How to turn your pension fund into cash for your business

Offering a tax incentive when raising corporate finance can be a decision-making ‘tipping point’ for investors if it cuts the cost of investment.  Since the Chancellor’s statement in the Budget allowing anyone over the age of 55 to access their pension fund in its entirety, subject to a tax...

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EU Grants for Innovative SMEs

With almost €80 billion worth of funding available over a period of 7 years (from 2014-2020), Horizon 2020 has been heralded the biggest EU Research & Innovation programme to date. Although open to everyone, it seems that SME’s will emerge as real beneficiaries of this initiative, set to receive...

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