Archives: April 2014

HMRC crackdown on landlords: Letting Agents caught in the cross-fire

As HMRC continues its effort to build a ‘hit list’ of landlords and their properties to compare against tax returns, Letting Agents across the UK are being caught in the cross-fire. What is happening? Statutory Notices are being issued by HMRC to Letting Agents all over the UK, giving...

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EU Grants for Innovative SMEs

With almost €80 billion worth of funding available over a period of 7 years (from 2014-2020), Horizon 2020 has been heralded the biggest EU Research & Innovation programme to date. Although open to everyone, it seems that SME’s will emerge as real beneficiaries of this initiative, set to receive...

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HMRC crackdown on owners of multiple homes via CGT

As confirmed in the Budget, as of 6 April 2014, the amount of time homeowners have in which to sell a second home before being subject to capital gains tax (CGT) has been halved from 36 to 18 months. CGT normally applies to the sale of second homes –...

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